is the only nutritional therapeutics recognized by the laws of United States and leads the world in science and technology.

It can kill the virus and improve the human immune system and the anti-cancer ability quickly by special cells.


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In 2004, NCI-TARGET / Treatment has taken out the medical patent of "Anti-cancer Agent" (Anti-tumor Composition) in USA. Its non-toxic anti-cancer effects (LD50 = 4000mg) have been proved by the animal test models separately from the cancer clinical trial and the anti-cancer treatment, and it can be used for clinical purposes or human consumptions. In addition, it is effective for liver function (GOT / AST, GPT / ALT index), renal (BUN, Creatinine index and uric acid gout), long-term stomach pain or hematopoietic function (platelet / white blood cells) and gynecological fields. It is a special medical technology in the world.
NCI-TARGET Efficacy Mechanism
NCI-TARGET Clinical Performance
Improve Your Body
Test Result for Cancer
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