NCI-TARGET Applicable User

  • Gastrointestinal bad: there will be physiological gastrointestinal dysfunction, such as poor appetite, flatulence, habitual diarrhea, loose stools, mild diarrhea, stool can not be formed.
  • Jaundice / hepatitis: sallow complexion, easy fatigue, often caused by alcohol or tobacco.
  • Poor renal function: gout, swollen extremities, difficult urinating, kidney failure. Auxiliary for uric acid or kidney stones.
  • Platelets insufficiency: hemophilia, pale face, long menstrual bleeding, bleeding much. Reduce the bleeding for gastric ulcer, stomach bleeding, postpartum / menstrual bleeding or other gynecological symptoms.
  • Immune deficiency: have a cold easily, lack of endurance to work, easy to burnout.
  • Allergic asthma / allergy (allergic rhinitis) patients.
  • Rheumatoid joints. Prostate disease.
  • Family member suffering from any cancer.
  • Undergoing cancer chemotherapy: effectively reduce the side effects such as vomiting, hair loss, colon cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, bile duct / bile cyst cancer, lymphoma camcer, kidney cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer / nasopharyngeal cancer and liver cancer.

NCI-TARGET How to use

  • 1 time a day before breakfast, empty stomach is preferred.
  • Cancer patients after surgery: 4 
  • Cancer patients with chemical treatment: 6 
  • Cancer patients without treatment: 8
  • Immunity descender: 4 grains
  • Poor liver, gastrointestinal, kidney function: 4
  • Weak constitution: 4
  • Insufficient platelets: 5
  • Note: NCI-TARGET may be afftected by traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, antibiotics, steroids, morphine, chemotherapy materials of immunosuppression, sulfa agents and enzymes.


Most recent news
In 2004, NCI-TARGET / Treatment has taken out the medical patent of "Anti-cancer Agent" (Anti-tumor Composition) in USA. Its non-toxic anti-cancer effects (LD50 = 4000mg) have been proved by the animal test models separately from the cancer clinical trial and the anti-cancer treatment, and it can be used for clinical purposes or human consumptions. In addition, it is effective for liver function (GOT / AST, GPT / ALT index), renal (BUN, Creatinine index and uric acid gout), long-term stomach pain or hematopoietic function (platelet / white blood cells) and gynecological fields. It is a special medical technology in the world.
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